Healing from Love Addiction Coaching Program

I found out that there is a gift in everything, even the most devastating addictions. Some take time to reveal themselves. Sometimes people can’t climb up from their rock bottom. I am one of the lucky ones who did. And I am here to share the wisdom I have gained and the tools I have discovered to light the way for other recovering love addicts.  

You might be struggling with love addiction IF:

*Your life revolves around the person you are “in love with” but don’t really have a life of your own,

*You can’t be yourself around your lover (or the object of your love) and feel like you have to look and be perfect,

*You feel anxious about the next time you will see them, obsess about where it will be, what you will wear depending on the impact you want to create, etc.

*You talk about your love object all the time – to anyone who will listen. You can hardly talk about anything else,

*You put your lover on a pedestal and gush about them as if they are more amazing and lovable than you are,

*Despite the ideal image you project onto them, they just can’t love you the right way,

*The relationship is full of highs and lows; there is no steady, comfortable time spent together (even if it may appear as if there is on the surface).

The typical course for any addiction is that it progressively gets worse. Love addiction is no different. You are not happy but you can’t leave. Because they have become your whole life and you feel like you have nothing left to go back to. It’s a scary place, I know. But I also know that your recovery will lead you to the kind of connection with yourself and the Universe that you were longing for but didn’t know how to achieve. In the end, you may even consider it to be a gift.

The Healing From Love Addiction Program is Designed To Help You: 

*Recognize the common patterns in your love life and how they keep you from experiencing true intimacy and love,

*Take the power back you gave to them in exchange for their presence in your life,

*Learn how to work through the anxiety of not being with them, losing them and other strong emotions,

*Recover parts of you that you had to shut down or hid away in order to keep the relationship,

*Gain a stronger sense of self,

*Recognize what is wonderful and lovable about you,

*Discover what makes you feel happy and purposeful,

*Uncover underlying pain and issues that contribute to this person/pattern and start dismantling them (they will make themselves known through this process),

*Become more intentional and self-loving in your daily life and work towards a life that you are in love with,

*Build a stronger relationship with yourself and your Higher Power (whatever it means for you),

If a version of three or more of the symptoms listed above fit your relationship profile, then this will be one of the biggest steps you can take to break free from the grip of this pattern. You deserve to have a meaningful relationship that is supportive and expands your life, not contracts it.

Make the leap. Take your power back and open your heart to love again in a more balanced, empowered way. You can do it!

Option #1: One-Month Warm-Up Program: A total of 8 emails between us (4 from me 4 from you).

We will dig into how this pattern took form, where it originates from and how you can use it to heal deeper issues that it was preventing you from facing and feeling. This will be a great foundation for you as it will give you an understanding of where things come from, how you have adapted in order to protect the original wound and deconstruct the ways it has progressed. I will share many tools and strategies to help you process and support yourself as you walk this path. $325

Option #2: One-month Intensive Program: A total of 16 emails between us. This is great for those who have had a  recent break-up from an addictive relationship and feel like a fish out of water, gasping to breathe love into their lives. Or you might not have been able to let go and move on from the last one. You need to forgive them and yourself and understand how love addiction operated in this relationship and how it keeps you haunted. I will hold your hand through it and guide you each step of the way. My responses will include tips and tools you can use for the rest of your life. Your guides will be driving the boat so you can get customized instructions and guidance specifically for you. I will teach you ways to process bundled up emotions and shift your perspective by the energy that comes through my words. $625

Option #3: Three-Month “Go At Your Own Pace” Program: A total of 12 emails exchanged between us, spread out over 3 months. You will have access to me as you need. This is great for those who want to implement self-love, self-healing and happiness practices into their lives while getting to the bottom of their love addiction patterns. I will also help you take steps towards a dream you have had but have felt held back due to past pain and trauma. We will tackle both and give you a strong foundation that you can build on. $475

Please fill out the short questionnaire below if you would like to set up a free consultation call to ask questions and get a feel for how we might work together.

Thank you.


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