Leaving Behind Past Relationship Pain Coaching Program

None of us came with a reset button or a manual that helps us automatically know how to do goodbyes right or how to heal and let go after a relationship ends. 

Relationships are not easy. They are even more challenging when we still carry residual pain and resentment from past relationships. We, inadvertently, carry them into the next relationship. How do we process all this pain and use it as compost for spiritual and personal growth?

I have designed a four-week email coaching program for you to start the process of melting down this residual iceberg of pain, anger, and resentment. There is going to be journaling and creative exercises to help you clear and transform these feelings into wisdom. It will be customized for your specific needs. There will be a bundle of different strategies throughout. I will share ideas, exercises, tools, insights, resources, and support to help you process past relationship pain and to recover your heart, power, sense of self and hope.

This course IS for you IF you…

*Feel that the pain (and trauma) of past relationships is causing stress, conflict, and disconnection in your current relationship,

*Are feeling weighed down by the pain, disappointment, and resentments you experienced in past relationships. You are aware that they are preventing you from feeling happy and inspired about your life now,

*Are single and have been for a while but can’t seem to let go of your ex to make room for new love in your heart and life,

*Recognize that the unprocessed heartbreak you experienced in your past relationships is causing you to be closed off and defensive. You may even turn into a perfectionist when dating new people- finding faults to keep a distance and to protect that wound that is still active in you. You realize that this is not how you want to live and love anymore, 

*Feel ready to forgive your ex-partners and yourself for the parts you played in the break up (s) and reveal the wisdom you gained through it all,

*Wish to recover your self-respect and personal power. You want to start developing self-love practices that will help you to show up more authentically and secure in existing and future relationships,

*Want to create deeper intimacy and connection in future relationships or with your current partner by transforming past pain into wisdom.

Option #1: A total of 8 emails between us. The focus will be on one issue that keeps tugging at you. It will take us to deeper wounds and fears. But it will be the main focus of our exchange- the main intention, so to speak. 8 emails (4 from me 4 from you)- one month: $325

Option #2: One-month Intensive Program: A total of 16 emails between us. I will hold your hand through it and guide you each step of the way. This is for those who have had recurring relationship patterns and want to clear them all as a bundle. My responses will include tips and tools you can use for the rest of your life. Your guides will be driving the boat so you can get customized instructions and guidance specifically for you. I will teach you ways to process bundled up emotions and shift your perspective by the energy that comes through my words. $625

Option #3: Three-Month “Go At Your Own Pace” Program: A total of 12 emails exchanged between us, spread out over 3 months. You will have access to me as you need. This is great for those who want to implement self-love, self-healing and happiness practices in their life. I will also help you take steps towards a dream you have had but have felt held back due to past pain and trauma. We will tackle both and give you a strong foundation that you can build on. $475

Make the leap. You will be glad you did. Release the pain in exchange for wisdom and freedom.

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

With all of my love,


“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me over the past month.  You’ve provided me with tools that have guided me through a very difficult time. You’re a beautiful gift to all those that are lucky enough to work with you.”    – J.G 

“I am moved by what you are able to interpret from what I tell you. So, this is refreshing for me, in a sense I feel validated. I have longed for some kind of recognition and help in understanding myself. You are a gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

-B.U.  (New York)

“Banu, I am following up on our session on Tuesday– thank you SO MUCH – I do feel better!!! For the first time, in a long time, I feel “at peace” with myself and not searching for something that is missing..”.


Please fill out the short questionnaire below if you would like to set up a free consultation call to ask questions and get a feel for how we might work together. 

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