It has been four years since my post on self-love was published by TinyBuddha. I still get comments about it. The article has been shared over 40K times and translated to other languages. To me, this means that we -as humanity – are becoming more and more aware of the importance of self-love as well as the consequences of the lack thereof. This is not surprising and it gives me hope.

It is not easy for me to tailor a specific message for each person online- even if I want to. Everyone has different areas that snag and vulnerabilities when it comes to creating a self-love practice. Over the last five years, as I have been walking my own journey while helping people from all walks of life, I have found several patterns that are common as well as what works.

How would you like to SPEND A MONTH WITH ME- for a self-love course customized specifically for you?

If you feel lost or feel like you don’t know where or how to begin your self-love journey, this may be the right next step for you.

*Four weekly emails from me each week.
*Clear prompts for exercises, inspiration, and resources to help you DISCOVER YOUR OWN self-love path. Customized to your specific needs. It is not out of a can.
*A personalized and detailed response to your email to each week’s “lesson” from me. (I don’t skimp or skip).

If any of this sounds good, read on…

SELF-LOVE S.O.S- The Fundamentals
4 weekly emails (8 total) with prompts and exercises.
Personalized, rock star attention to you, your process and your individual struggles. Solutions, tools, compassion and ultimate space holding. Virtual hugs are free!
A 30 minute phone/Skype call with me OR a personalized video I record for you (with a private link) included. Your choice.
Pay what you can sliding scale: $375-$525

1) I have walked the hardest parts on my own, mostly by my own little self. You won’t have to. I will share what I know, have discovered and what really works.

2) I have lived the effects of lack of self-love in a very hard way: by almost losing my life and climbing back up from that rock bottom.

3) I have helped many people who were where I was as they pieced themselves back together. All my testimonials are from real life clients.

4) I have total confidence that: IF you are ready, are drawn to working with me and want to do the work, I CAN help you. It is your soul that makes the decision, I can only be available when that decision is made.

5) I LOVE this work. All my life lead to this skill set, the wisdom and the ability to facilitate healing for others.

6) This is not a drip-content course- I will be there every step of the way holding your hand, cheerleading and guiding you!

7) I care.

If you are feeling the pull and hear your inner voice is saying, “Do it!”, email me. I will welcome your questions with arms wide open.

No matter how difficult your “situation” seems, I can help you.

I have lived through a divorce when I did not feel ready to get on my own two feet, survived (and thrived after) a deadly break up, dealt with fear of abandonment, love addiction, daddy and mommy issues (forgiveness big time!), stopped the cycle of suicidal depression that lasted most of my life, learned to set boundaries as an empath and an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) to name a few….

NOTHING is unfamiliar or off-limits to me. Your story will not scare me. Nothing you bring to the table will interfere with my ability to help you get closer to yourself and start clearing what is in the way of you loving yourself.

**Here is what others have said after working with me for a month by email and/or phone:

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me over the past month. You’ve provided me with tools that have guided me through a very difficult time. You’re a beautiful gift to all those that are lucky enough to work with you.” – J.G. (Colorado)

“I would love to work with you again in future, should the opportunity arise to do so. I found your approach to be incredibly warm and comforting as well as just generally being friendly and getting the sense that you did genuinely want the best for me, something I haven’t always felt with every healer or whoever that I’ve worked with”. -M.B (Australia)

“I feel so redundant sometimes with the thank you’s, but I can’t say it enough. I think you must sense how grateful I am. Feeling understood and FINALLY getting some real tools to work with, has given me hope that I haven’t felt in years.” -B.U (NY)

“Wow Banu, I know my emails have taken to starting with wow, but seriously wow. This journey is awesome beyond comprehension sometimes. The last few weeks with you have been wonderful. I’ve lots to say in this email to you but it’s a very different human sitting here tapping away at the keyboard. The words that have passed between us have magic in them and they are truly sent from angels. I know I sound like a crazy lady but it’s happiness shining through“. -C.J. (Ireland)

MAKE THE LEAP. You will be glad you did. You can heal what blocks your ability to love yourself. It starts with a decision to accept the support and the guidance that is available to you now.

Email me. I welcome your questions or concerns.

Love and gratitude,

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